BluPrint Love: Hear It From Our Team

It's one thing to tell you about why BluPrint is awesome, but it's another to hear it directly from our team!

Kristin Norris, Processing Manager

"I love Bluprint because we’re family. I’ve been with the team for almost 10 years. They know me, who I am and what we can do as a TEAM. They’ve seen me grow from a single girl processing loans to a married woman with a child as a Manager overseeing 10+ subordinates. But no matter what my personal or work status may be, we’re here for one another."

Brian Paris, Branch Manager

"I love BluPrint’s collaborative approach to each loan. I love coming to work each day, working with a team to achieve a common goal, knowing that I am helping to make a difference in the community through lending. This really inspires me to do more!"

Joy Grajo, Senior Underwriter

"I love my job as I get to work and accomplish goals with these amazing team members who are ALL very knowledgeable, helpful, committed and optimistic go-getters. They are truly the best in the industry. The culture here is amazing and is uplifting! I truly enjoy being here and being a part of BluPrint Home Loans and I’m excited for the journey. It really is quality over quantity."

Michael Indaburu, Loan Officer

"BluPrint gives me the support to do what I do best - helping my clients with the best possible options to make their dreams reality. From origination to post-closing, our BluPrint family is there motivating and supporting each other so each loan is given the attention it needs to close efficiently and accurately." 

Pat Cox, Division Operations Manager


Dominick Christiana, Loan Officer

I love BluPrint because we have an incredible team atmosphere that always allows us to get deals done, FAST!!  

Sherrie Fico, Loan Officer

"I love BluPrint because they offer a lot of support in many ways both at the branch and corporate levels."

Chaz Lagaret, Loan Officer

"We all know operations is the lifeline of a transaction and that’s where BluPrint shines the brightest!"

Sarandy Aberin, Loan Partner

"My co-workers are not just my co-workers or team. They are my 2nd family. I enjoy building a work and family bond with everyone. We have the same goal and working together doesn’t feel like work."

Dan Borg, Division Regional Production Manager, SVP

"No single person can master all aspects of the loan process. I believe mortgages are done best as a team sport. We win together, or we lose together, but either way, it will be done as a team. It is my personal goal to work with you directly to identify your strengths and weakness and provide long term support to help you grow your business. My team and I will then work with you to make sure that you can maximize your strengths, focus less on your weaknesses, and spend more time with your clients."

Edgar Ramirez, Loan Officer

"I love BluPrint because of the fact my manager and team are always available to help me."